Six Things You Should Know Before You Go To Thailand

Bangkok is popular for fascinating shrines and having the most vibrant street life. You can also plan a Pattaya day trip from Bangkok and enjoy the gorgeous beaches you will ever see. But before you pack your bags and fly to Thailand, there are certain things you must know. It helps you prepare better if you know about the plusses and minuses of the city you are going to visit.

You will indeed search for ‘things to do in Pattaya’ before you leave for the tour. Nonetheless, below are the six things you should know before you reach Thailand. It will help you have a safe and more enjoyable trip.

1 – Be wary of attractive yet fraud deals 

You are bound to find countless dodgy deals as you are strolling through the market in Bangkok. Many sellers would want to benefit from your naivety and sell goods that are worth far less than the price you pay. The best solution for this is to ask your tour operator to guide you through markets.

2 – Respect Thai royalty  

The King and his royal family get held high among Thai people, and you will notice posters of the King frequently as you enter the city. Thais highly respect their King and the royal family. So, if you joke about the royalty, you are likely to get stress and frowns from people around you.

3 – Don’t get up-close with monkeys 

You will regularly see monkeys on beaches in Thailand. They undoubtedly look cute and attractive, but it doesn’t mean you should go ahead and feed them. It makes them connect people with food. And it encourages them to steal bags, clothing and similar things.

4 – Watch out for the buckets

You might see a bucket lined up near the stores that have Thai vodka, whiskey, and gin, etc. These buckets look alluring to travelers like you who come from far away. But those buckets have some of the deadliest concoctions, and if you want to enjoy your trip, you shouldn’t try them.

5 – Try the street food 

You may search for things to do in Pattaya and eating the street food should be on your list. You might not get to try some unique and regional dishes if you stick to the all-inclusive hotel food. You can walk the Thai streets to try local Thai food, and you will realize that it’s far different than what you eat in your country.

6 – Thai massage is the best

Thai massaging skills are famous across the globe. A full body massage from head to toe is bound to make you feel relaxed and eliminate all kinds of muscle pain. The good news is it’s very affordable. It’s a fantastic experience you should get at least once.

To finish off

Those were the six things you should know before you go to Thailand. Enlist the assistance of a reliable tour and travel professional such as Bangkok Travel Experts for a truly rewarding itinerary of the experiences that await you in Thailand. You might take a Pattaya day trip from Bangkok as well, but remember to not fall for dodgy deals and buckets on the street. You can undoubtedly enjoy Thai massage and delightful street food.