Some Reasons to Visit Bangkok in Your Lifetime

Bangkok is the world’s most visited city, and there are 10 reasons to visit. From the unbeatable street food to the markets and roof top bars, the capital city of Thailand can be whatever you want it to be. These are some of the top reasons for tourists who visit the city every year, but it’s guaranteed you’ll return home happy and excited.

The Street Food

Bangkok’s street food scene of incredible. You’ll find some of the best food in the city served up street-side, as long as you see your meal being cooked up fresh, it’s generally fine to eat. You can’t beat the fun outdoor atmosphere and affordable prices either.

The Chatuchak Market

The Chatuchak, Bangkok, is the largest market in Thailand. Also known as JJ Market. Chatuchak Market sells many different kinds of goods, including plants, antiques, consumer electronics, cosmetics, pets, food and drinks, fresh and dry food, ceramics, furniture and home accessories, clothing, and books. It is the world’s largest and most diverse weekend market, make your visit every weekend.

It’s Easy to Get Around

Getting around town is never an issue in Bangkok. From the clean, fast and easy-to-use Skytrain (BTS) and Underground (MRT), and easy to get around by taxis, Tuk-tuks and motorbikes. Getting from one point to another is the best way to go around and have a fun day.


Bangkok’s Chinatown is one of the largest Chinatowns in the world. Chinatown is one of the most cultured parts of Bangkok. It is also great for shopping. It now serves as a hub of Chinese culture, with numerous shops selling traditional goods, and is especially known as the best street food in Bangkok.

Thai Massage

Massage is a big business in Thailand. It is regulated by the Public Health Ministry. When you are in Bangkok getting at least one traditional Thai massage is a must on your visit. Thai massage focuses on the pressing, rolling, compression, bending, pulling and compressing. Thai massage will make you relaxed and gives you good sleep. Then you will be ready for the next day!

Rooftop Bars

The ultimate way to escape Bangkok’s ever buzzing streets is to get up high and visit one of the many sky bars. You can find relaxation at one of the best Bangkok rooftop bars. To make the most of the Bangkok skyline and nightlife, just find the Bangkok rooftop bar best suited for you such, as Baiyoke sky, The Moon bar or Mahanakhon Bangkok Sky Bar and etc. Just make your best night in Bangkok.

Night Markets

Night markets in Bangkok are among the easiest and most enjoyable ways of getting up close and personal with local life in Bangkok’s capital. Markets are spread out in most areas of the city and offer goods and products, snacks and entertainment. Night markets have been popping up around the city which is great for fashion fanatics or anyone looking to mix in some cheap eats or some evening drinks.

Nearby Beaches

When you visit Bangkok and you want to have a short trip to the beaches, there are beaches nearby including Pattaya beach, Koh Samet, Koh Chang, Koh Mak and Hua Hin and others. There is always an affordable option. Some beaches can be reached in as little as two hours by bus, or private car. Take your time for a nice weekend to the beach nearby.

Thai food

Currently, Thai cooking is one of the most popular cuisines as it is unique in taste, healthy and has been influenced by the cuisines of Asian cultures. The flavor of Thai food is very distinct and can be instantly recognized. If you’re planning to enjoy a meal with your family, why not try a portion of delicious Thai food. No reasons to not try a Thai feast tonight!